Have you ever thought about buying your own home? Are rents higher than a mortgage would be for the same property?  If the answer to these two questions is yes, you are in the right place.  Buyers click here now!

The first step to purchasing a home is getting finances in order. If you are planning to get a mortgage, this means getting a "Pre-Qualification Letter" by speaking with a reputable local lender who will help with this process. Here is a list of our favorite local lenders:

Eddie DeArmond

Citizens Bank Las Cruces

(575) 647-6712

Donice Barnes


(575) 521-8100

Latson Munn

Citizens Bank Las Cruces

(575) 647-6713

Donna J. Stryker

1st New Mexico Bank

(575) 556-3000

Louise Trask

White Sands Federal Credit Union (must be a credit union member)

(575) 526-4401 Ext. 5985

  Documentation needed for Pre-Qualification:

-W2s for last two years

-last 2 years’ tax returns

-bank statements for last two months

-pay stubs for last two months

-any transcripts that are applicable for students

-any other income, 1099R for retirement

-Social Security letter, if collecting

-Child Support payments or receipts

-investment income

-installment and credit card debt