What is cuter than a little Santa Fe styled home with mountain views or that historic Alameda bungalow with wood floors? Well... simply LCRE's 15 Newest Clients, Los Cachorros TeeBall team.

I once was simply LCRE Realtor Zoe Spiliotis, now I am also "Coach Zoe". Beyond volunteering  time to teach the basics of baseball to adorable 4 and 5 year olds, I was able to sponsor team shirts and customization of the uniforms for all 15 kids and parent shirts.  

I am very grateful that my schedule was flexible enough to be able to help start a team this year. The LCYBA (Las Cruces Youth Baseball Association) is always in need of volunteers to coach teams, because baseball is awesome and also very popular here. I would encourage everyone to become a volunteer coach if they can. The LCYBA always has waitlists for kids wanting to be on teams... so if they don't have enough coaches, then some kids can't play and can you imagine telling these cuties they couldn't play?

And Yes, sometimes it is like trying to wrangle 15 stray cats into one small room, but hey, I am a Realtor, I do that everyday to make the whole buying/selling process easy for my clients.  So if you are thinking of buying or selling, I would love to help wrangle your transaction. (When I am not on the field of course... I'll wait until I am in the dugout)

UPDATE: So far the Cachorros, can all say the team name and  have Tied 1 game and Lost 2 games. Check us out sometime.