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A different kind of brokerage! Our Associate Brokers are our best clients and we treat them the way we expect them to treat their buyer & seller clients, with the highest quality service and the most integrity.

Home! We are extremely passionate about that place we call "home," where we go to dream our dreams, gather with family and friends, feel safe and secure from the outside world, relax after long tough days at work, and seek refuge from the storms of life. Our home is typically the largest and most important financial investment, and we need someone we can trust, who cares about the process, and is available to answer questions. We at Las Cruces Real Estate are passionate about your move home!

For Buyersthat means finding your dream home, making the process fun and informative, while navigating paperwork, negotiating the best price, providing guidance with due diligence (inspections, appraisals, surveys, etc), and on to a successful closing.  This makes it so exciting to receive the keys to your new home!  

For Sellers, that means divesting yourself of a property that is no longer "home," but is now an investment. We help you navigate this process, so you can pursue your next dream home.  We can also help with finding the best professional to help with that process, whether in Las Cruces, or outside the area.

For Investors, our assistance means helping you locate properties at a great value, and then hiring a high-quality Property Management team to oversee the process of maximizing your return. Commercial leasing and purchases are also very important transactions, handled with the most conscientious diligence.

Delivering timely and consistent communication, listening is our most valuable skill. 

We don't want to be the biggest, we just want to be the BEST!  Utilizing high-tech, cutting-edge beautiful digital marketing for all listings and rentals.

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She is the most amazing combination of grit, determination, kindness and class!